The Orquestra de Plectre Jaume I was born inside the cultural context of Jaume I University with the idea of spreading music in general and plectrum instruments music, in particular.

It is conducted by the Music Departament teacher of this University, Antonio Ripollés, and it is formed by people who are members of the university community and people who are linked with music, in general. This orquestra is made up of lute, mandolin and guitar family instruments.

Its repertory includes compositions of the different musical periods, such as the baroque, classicism, romanticism, and also, Spanish Music from the 20th century.

We can point up his participation in some concerts organized by Castellón Town Council, such as the Ciclos de Conciertos de Nadal a Castellóand Temps de Primavera, his participation in the III Festival Internacional de Orquestas de Pulso y Púa FRANCISCO TÁRREGA in Vila-Real (Spain), and also his participation in the 9e Festival Étudiant Européen LES FUGUES in Dijon (France).